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The purpose of the Bylaws Committee is to provide oversight of the bylaws, to include adherence of the bylaws by the Board of Directors and any staff, periodic review of bylaws for relevance, need for revision and carry out the duties listed in the Duties and Responsibilities section.  The Bylaws Committee also provides oversight of the Articles of Incorporation. The Chair of the Bylaws Committee is the duly elected Parliamentarian of the Association.

Committee Objectives

Duties and responsibilities of the Bylaws Committee include:

  • Develop and monitor the process by which the Texas Foster Care Association Bylaws are systematically reviewed and update.
  • Develop and monitor the process by which members of the Texas Foster Care Association are able to participate in the clarification of the Bylaws.
  • Develop and monitor the process by which this committee may serve as a resource to assist local associations in their organizational development and maintenance.
  • Function as a resource to investigate and recommend an appropriate parliamentary procedure to meet any special Texas Foster Care Association needs.
  • Provide the Treasurer with annual budget information, if warranted.
  • Provide the Texas Foster Care Association e-newsletter (FOCUS) editor with information for proposed Bylaw amendments to facilitate publication in the FOCUS, and for posting on the TFCA website; proposed Bylaw changes must be posted a minimum of 30 days prior to the vote of the TFFA membership (posted on the website and in FOCUS).
  • Ensure election of a committee vice-chair and a secretary at the first meeting of the committee annually.


The Bylaws Committee meets a minimum of two times a year in person in conjunction with TFCA Board of Directors in person Board of Directors meetings.  The committee will meet additionally as needed by telephone, internet, or in person.  The committee chair will give reasonable notice to all committee members of the date, time, place, and purpose for all committee meetings.  Motions may be made and voted on electronically when necessary.

Irene Clements, Chair