Author: Alayna George

DSHS Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Update

Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Information: COVID-19 Vaccine Information (last updated 2/23/21) COVID-19 Vaccine Allocations (last updated 2/26/21) Updated Information for COVID-19 Vaccination Providers: Information for Vaccination Providers (last updated 2/23/21) Vaccination Provider Enrollment (last updated 2/22/21) COVID-19 Vaccine Management Resources (last updated 2/23/21) COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Webinars (last updated 2/26/21) Public Health Laboratory Testing ADDED: DSHS COVID-19 […]

Texas Youth Permanency Study

The Texas Youth Permanency Study (TYPS) examines the long-term outcomes and opportunities of youth, 14 and older, in the Texas Foster Care System. AMPLIFYING YOUTH VOICE This Texas Youth Permanency Study seeks to understand the quality and continuity of relationships developed by youth in care and identify factors that support strong relationships that may be […]

Foster Care Mattress Program

Foster Mattress Program Mattress Firm has proudly served the Foster community for some time. Now we’ve stepped up to help EVERY foster family with non-profit pricing for any licensed foster home. PLEASE refer to this information when it’s time to update mattresses, get new mattresses for child placements and even as early as getting them […]

TFCA Election Results

The Texas Foster Care Association’s (TFCA) Election Committee reports the following information related to the 2020 Board of Directors Election: According to the by-laws, the TFCA membership had the opportunity to consider candidates for the positions of First Vice President and Regional Foster Parent Representatives from regions 2, 4, 6A, 6B, 8, and 10. The […]

DFPS Publishes a Series of Reports

Rider 8 Report on Human Resources Management Plan provides an update on the development of a plan to improve employee morale and retention. Rider 15 Report on Community-Based Care presents performance measures identified by the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) to allow for comparative analysis between the legacy foster care and Community-Based Care systems. Also see […]