Keynote Speaker

Gaelin Elmore 

Gaelin Elmore works with organizations and people who want to help children overcome trauma and unleash their potential. He believes the key to unleashing potential is found in a desire we all have; the desire to belong. Gaelin spent most of his life, and his entire childhood, on a journey to find the places in which he belonged. That journey has led Gaelin here today and to stages across the country, aiming to inspire, encourage, and equip others to think differently about their work and its long-term impact on others. Gaelin now lives in Eden Prairie, MN, where he gets to experience the purest form of belonging as a husband to his wife, Micaela, and dad to their two daughters, Laniah and Tatum.

Nearby sites and sounds

No need to take your car. 

Visit Rainey Street

Walk on over to Rainey Street for a wide variety of food choices and great live music.  

Paddleboard and canoe rentals behind the hotel

Sorry these won’t be free.  They are $25 per hour and would be a great way to enjoy the evening!

Enjoy the beauty of Town Lake

Relax along the shore, take a walk, go on a picnic, and check out the East Ave Rain Garden while you’re in town. FREE