TFCA Election Results

TFCA Election Results

The Texas Foster Care Association’s (TFCA) Election Committee reports the following information related to the 2020 Board of Directors Election:

  • According to the by-laws, the TFCA membership had the opportunity to consider candidates for the positions of First Vice President and Regional Foster Parent Representatives from regions 2, 4, 6A, 6B, 8, and 10.

The following results were confirmed:

  • First Vice President:Receiving 100.00% of the vote, and running unopposed, Lauren Prince is elected First Vice President.
  • Regional Foster Parents Representatives
    • Region 2:Receiving 100% of the votes and running unopposed, Kathy Potter is elected Region 2 Foster Parent Representative.
    • Region 4:Receiving 100% of the votes and running unopposed, Kellie Pittman is elected Region 4 Foster Parent Representative.
    • Region 6A:Receiving 40% of the vote, a tie is recorded, Candice Alfano and Pam Grigg are elected.
      • Candice Alfano 40%
      • Jaime Carsey 0%
      • Pam Grigg 40%
      • Leigh Todd 20%
        • According to history, both candidates’ names were put into a drawing in the event of a tie. The President drew the name of Pam Griggs on Monday, October 12, 2020, at 10:35 AM as part of the Executive Committee meeting.
    • Region 6B:Receiving 100% of the votes and running unopposed, Katherine Billingsley is elected Region 6B Foster Parent Representative.
    • Region 8:No candidates, position will remain vacant.
    • Region 10:No candidates, position will remain vacant.

According to the TFCA by-laws, newly elected board members will begin service on November 1, 2020.