Texas State Foster Parents, Inc. (dba Texas Foster Family Association) is a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Texas and has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. As such, the business of the corporation is governed by the Freedom of Information Act. The accounting found on this page are approximations based on the most recent data available and should not be considered as literal representations of the financial condition of TFFA. Detailed information can be obtained from our dutiful , Oscar Hunter.

Sources Of Income
During each fiscal year TFFA receives approximately one half of it’s income from the proceeds of the various training events offered. Other sources of funding included title IV-B moneys from DFPS, grants, membership dues, and donations to the scholarship and burial funds (these funds are represented as restricted).

Direction Of Funding
Unrestricted funds are utilized at the discretion of the voting members of the Full Board of Directors to conduct the business of furthering the benevolence of Foster Care in the State of Texas. These causes include, but are not limited to, expenses of the Board and it’s committees, publishing a newsletter/magazine (titled the F.O.C.U.S.-online), the development and facilitation of training for both Foster/adoptive/kinship parents and agency staff, affecting legislative and bureaucratic policy changes to provide for a more positive impact of the Foster Care system in Texas, and various projects aimed at retaining volunteer Foster Parents, as well as, recruitment of qualified individuals as new Foster Parents.

Restricted funds are dedicated to the Scholarship (for eligible birth, adopted, and foster children of TFFA Members) and Burial funds (for headstones of children in-care at the time of their death) for the benefit of TFFA members. You can find downloadable applications for both the ; which assists in defraying the memorial costs of children who pass-on while in care, and the fund; which assists qualified children in your home, both biological, adopted and foster children, with the cost of a higher education. To access the applications click on the appropriate link below. These funds are under the direction of the Scholarship Committee, Chairperson with the guidance of the Finance Committee, as chairman. Funds for both of these are set by the Finance Committee and is determined by need and funds available at the time.