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EducationIMPROVING ^ OUTCOMES for Students in Foster Care September 2017

Texas only ***Prek-12 students in foster care and displaced by Hurricane Harvey have the educational rights for support and services under federal law, McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act.

Immediately register in any Texas public school district

See DFPS/CPS Regional Education Specialist or school district McKinney-Vento Liaison for additional information. TEA Resources for Students affected by Hurricane Harvey

Make sure students in foster care have this paperwork for school enrollment:

Form 2085 – Placement Authorization
Form 2085 – E – Designation of Education Decision-Maker

Foster parent makes special education decisions. Must complete training for certificate

Caseworkers must provide copies to school and file with court within 5 days

Immunization Record for elementary school students

All other documentation must be submitted to the school within 30 days of enrollment. See School District Foster Care Liaison for transfer of records.

CASEWORKERS – DOCUMENT Education-related information in IMPACT

Withdrawal date from previous school district, name of the school, grade, date of enrollment and ancillary services such as special education services.

Check off in IMPACT – Education Portfolio given to student

90% Rule in effect – Students must attend school 90% of the semester/year/grading period in order to receive credit or grade promotion

Schedule appointments before school, after school or on the weekends

Do not take students out of core classes. Rotate absences from art, physical education, music, theater classes

Provide student & school with EXCUSED ABSENCE LETTER

Encourage a GROWTH Mindset

Ditch a FIXED Mindset

Recognize 2 principles

o Intelligence is not fixed. Intelligence can grow.
o Talents and Abilities can be learned through effort and training

Growth Mindset sees challenges as a chance to learn or experience more. We learn from mistakes and have another chance for a “do-over.”

Fixed Mindset says: “I can’t get this math.” Growth Mindset says: “I can’t get this math yet.”

Fixed Mindset says: “It’s good enough.”
Growth Mindset says: “Is this really my best work?”

Fixed Mindset says: “You’re so smart!”
Growth Mindset says: “You must have worked really hard on this!”

Try this: Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Repeat this every day for a month. Outcome: WOW! Look at your progress! It took practice and training to achieve your goal.

Mindset: The Psychology of Success by Carol S Dweck, Ph.D. TED Talks – Eduardo Briceno

TED Talks – Carol Dweck – Believing You Can Improve

Human Trafficking and Child Welfare: A Guide for Child Welfare Agencies

Explores how child welfare agencies can support children who are victims of human trafficking, as well as children who are at greater risk for future victimization. This guide provides background information about the issue, including its scope and relevant Federal legislation and initiatives, and strategies that agencies can implement to address the trafficking of children. State and local policy and program examples also are provided.

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